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Dietary Guidelines for Americans

2010 DGAC Report - coverReport of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010

USDA Press Release ― June 15, 2010  PDF  
Federal Register Notice ― June 15, 2010  PDF
Questions and Answers ― PDF

Print-ready, formatted 2010 DGAC Report - finalized January 11, 2011  PDF (4.6 MB)

Original version of the 2010 DGAC Report as submitted by the DGAC to the Secretaries of USDA and HHS - June 14, 2010 (located below).

NOTE: The differences between these two versions of the DGAC Report are primarily in layout/appearance with some typographical changes.
  Front Cover  PDF
  Letter to the Secretaries PDF
  Table of Contents  PDF
  Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Membership  PDF
  PART A Executive Summary  PDF
  PART B Setting the Stage and Integrating the Evidence  PDF (1.6MB)
    Section 1: Introduction  PDF
    Section 2: The Total Diet: Combining Nutrients, Consuming Food  PDF (2.6MB)
    Section 3: Translating and Integrating the Evidence: A Call to Action  PDF (1.9MB)
  PART C Methodology  PDF
  PART D Science Base
    Section 1: Energy Balance and Weight Management  PDF (1.9MB)
    Section 2: Nutrient Adequacy  PDF (6.6MB)
    Section 3: Fatty Acids and Cholesterol  PDF (1.6MB)
    Section 4: Protein  PDF
    Section 5: Carbohydrates  PDF
    Section 6: Sodium, Potassium, and Water  PDF (1.2MB)
    Section 7: Alcohol  PDF
    Section 8: Food Safety and Technology  PDF
  PART E Appendices  PDF
    Appendix E-1: Major Conclusions  PDF
    Appendix E-2: Glossary of Terms  PDF
    Appendix E-3: USDA Food Pattern Analyses  PDF
    Appendix E-4: History of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans PDF
    Appendix E-5: Public Comments  PDF
    Appendix E-6: Biographical Sketches of DGAC Members  PDF
    Appendix E-7: Acknowledgments  PDF

To read about the public meeting of oral testimony on the Committee's Report, click here.

Click here to visit the USDA’s Nutrition Evidence Library (NEL) to access the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s NEL evidence-based systematic reviews.

To view all written public comments, click here.

Supplemental Information Related to the Report PDF
  Resource 1: Children’s Dietary Intake  PDF
  Resource 2: Implications of Food Allergens and a Safe Food Supply  PDF (1.5MB)
  Resource 3: Conventional and Organically Produced Foods  PDF
  Errata sheet PDF

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader to view PDF filesTo download a free copy of Adobe Reader to view PDF files, click here.


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