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Healthy Eating Index

This web page contains a ReadMe file (doc; pdf) and a documented version of the SAS program (doc; txt) with macros ( [doc; txt] and [doc; txt]) which creates the mean population HEI-2010 scores for 2007-2008. This is an updated version of the program that was used to calculate the scores in Nutrition Insight No. 51, Diet Quality of Americans in 2001-02 and 2007-08 as Measured by the Healthy Eating Index-2010, and yield slightly different results. Links to the necessary databases are also provided.


Readme_HEI2010_NHANES0708_PopulationScore (doc; pdf)

HEI2010_NHANES0708_PopulationScore_SAS (doc; txt)
     * [doc; txt]
     * [doc; txt]

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2007-2008

MyPyramid Equivalents Database for USDA Survey Food Codes, 2003-2004 Version 2 (MPED)


CNPP 03-04 fruit database (SAS - zipped)

CNPP Addendum to the MyPyramid Equivalents Database 2.0B

Last Modified: 08/15/2013