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 USDA's Nutrition Evidence Library

USDA’s Nutrition Evidence Library (NEL) specializes in conducting systematic reviews to inform nutrition policy and programs. The Library evaluates, synthesizes, and grades research using rigorous and transparent methodology to define the state of food and nutrition-related science. NEL provides ongoing support to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s scientific review process for developing recommendations for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In the future, NEL will serve as a key resource for making food and nutrition research accessible to all Americans.


Click here to visit the
USDA's Nutrition Evidence Library


NEL Process

  Recruit expert workgroup
  Formulate evidence analysis questions
  Conduct literature review for each question
  Extract evidence and critically appraise each study
  Synthesize the evidence
  Develop and grade a conclusion statement

NEL Evidence Abstractors

Periodically, NEL looks for highly qualified professionals and graduate students to serve as volunteer Nutrition Evidence Library Abstractors to help us expand the Library. This memo and fact sheet (PDF) provide information about this unique opportunity for health care professionals and Master’s or Doctoral candidates.

If you have questions, please contact NutritionEvidenceLib@cnpp.usda.gov or the NEL Management Team at (703-305-7600).

Thank you!


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Last Modified: August 15, 2013 12:47 PM