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Active files link commodity quantity data directly to nutrient data, for a specific year based on the enrichment/ fortification policy for that year. A fortification query of these data will provide the nutrient total per capita per day as well as the contributions provided by the unenriched/unfortified commodity and the enriched/fortified commodity. Active files are available for rice, cornmeal/grits, and margarine from 1970; breakfast cereals from 1974; and flour and semolina from 1974.

Select the grouping level for your search. Select on Group, Subgroup, Type, Subtype or Food Item. Once you make a selection, click on Select button. Only the group level contains historical fortification data, because there is no link to commodity quantity data. (See Food Supply Methodologies: Fortification for a description of the Historical Fortification files) If grouping level is "All Foods", you do not have to select an item. Click here to view Historial Grain Fortification data.

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Select an individual nutrient by clicking on it. For multiple nutrients selection (up to 5 nutrients), press Ctrl key and click on the left side of your mouse while selecting from the drop down box. Use arrow keys to view additional nutrients before making selections(s). Once selection(s) has been made, type in desired years. Click on Submit button to obtain results.
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