HEI Continuing Professional Education

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Understanding the Healthy Eating Index Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit Self-Study Module


Following are the step by step instructions to be followed for obtaining two CPE credits for reviewing the online Self Study CPE module entitled “Understanding the Healthy Eating Index.”

STEP 1. Read the program objectives for “Understanding the Healthy Eating Index” online Self Study CPE module. You may also view the suggested learning codes for this HEI CPE module.

A. Program Objectives

  • Define and interpret Healthy Eating Index (HEI) total scores
  • Recognize the link between diet quality and health
  • Describe the various applications of the HEI
  • Identify the diet quality trends of the American population over time
  • Select characteristics about the HEI-2015 components and scoring
  • Recall the federal agencies that developed the HEI
  • Recognize the various resources about the HEI that are available on the CNPP website

B. Suggested Learning Codes

  • 3020: Assessment of target groups, populations
  • 4030: Dietary Guidelines, ChooseMyPlate
  • 4040: Disease prevention, health promotion
  • 9010: Data analysis, statistics
  • 9020: Evaluation and application of research

STEP 2. Please review the following HEI pages listed below for the HEI-2015 Self Study module. When reviewing the HEI website please take the time to visit every hyperlink to ensure you have met the program objectives.

STEP 3. After reviewing the HEI self-study module, complete the Test Questions for “Understanding the Healthy Eating Index” CPE module, to ensure you have met the program objectives. This quiz is conducted by the honor system.

STEP 4. When you have completed the test, view the CPE Test Answers.

STEP 5. Please save the Certificate of Completion for “Understanding the Healthy Eating Index,” self-study in your files to verify completion of the Self Study CPE program and to receive two CPE credit hours.

NOTE: The 2 CPE self-study module for “Understanding the Healthy Eating Index” will be available until December 14, 2021.