Growing a Healthier You

Nutrition from the Farm to Your Table

People's Garden thumbnail imageThe People's Garden -- The People’s Garden is a USDA initiative which challenges employees to create gardens at USDA facilities. It has grown into a collaborative effort of local and national organizations who, through more than 222,000 volunteer hours, have established more than 2,100 community and school gardens across the country. To learn more about The People’s Garden and to join the movement, visit The People's Garden.

Farm to School thumbnail imageFarm to School -- The Farm to School program brings local and/or regionally produced foods into cafeterias across the nation. Students learn about where their food comes from through hands on learning, such as school gardening, and through the integration of food-related materials with regular curriculum.

SuperTracker thumbnail imageSuperTracker -- You have apples, blueberries, raspberries, and bananas. You just brought in some cabbage, carrots, and white potatoes. Then, let’s not forget the yellow tomatoes and herbs. Use the SuperTracker as an “assistant” to help grow a healthier you and healthier family and to take advantage of all the “colors” of MyPlate.

farmers market logo

Find a Farmers Market -- Farmers markets allow consumers to have access to locally grown, farm-fresh produce, and enables farmers the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with their customers. You can search the database to find one of the many farmers markets around the country.


USDA Organic Program logoLook for the USDA Organic Seal -- When shopping, look for the USDA Organic seal. It assures you that the agricultural products marketed as organic meet strict standards. Organic crops are raised without using most conventional pesticides or petroleum-based fertilizer. Animals raised on an organic farm must be fed organic feed. They are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. For more information, visit the USDA National Organic Program's website.


What's Cooking? USDA Recipe Bowl thumbnail imageWhat's for Dinner (or Breakfast or Lunch)? -- The What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl is an interactive tool to help with healthy meal planning, cooking, and grocery shopping. The site features a searchable database of healthy recipes, options to build a cookbook, print recipe cards, and share recipes via social media.


fruits and vegetablesFrom Garden to Plate, Safety Matters -- When food is grown, processed, and prepared safely, everyone benefits. A host of Federal agencies share the responsibility for food safety. Food safety is key to delivering wholesome food to the plate. Use as your gateway to information about safe food handling practices.