Dietary Guidelines Infographic

USDA and HHS jointly develop the Dietary Guidelines for Americans every five years. The Dietary Guidelines helps to inform Federal nutrition programs and serves as a go-to resource for health professionals. This infographic illustrates the impact of our current eating habits in America and underscores how eating healthier – closer to the Dietary Guidelines – can help to reduce risk of diet-related chronic disease and lower health care costs. You can learn more about the Dietary Guidelines at

The figure provides a data-driven summary of the diet quality of Americans ages 2 years and older from 2005-2014. The total HEI-2015 score was 56 during 2005-2006, the total HEI-2015 score was 57 during 2007-2008, the total HEI-2015 score was 59 during 2009-2010 and the total HEI-2015 score was 60 during 2011- 2012. The current HEI-2015 total score for the US population during 2013-2014 was 59 out of a maximum 100 points. Older Americans ages 65 and over had the highest HEI-2015 total score of 66, while children ages 2-5 had the second highest HEI-2015 total score of 60. Children ages 6-11 and 12-17 each had HEI-2015 total scores of 53, while adults ages 18-64 had HEI-2015 total score of 58.  However, for all Americans regardless of age, HEI findings show that Americans do not align their eating choices with dietary recommendations.